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Sunday, August 5, 2012

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Worldwide online prayer group planned this weekend

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dear Oneness Family,

In response to the invitation from the Guides at the Oneness University to be in a state of prayer this weekend for the life and health of all being affected by the earthquake in Japan, we are providing an online conference room that would allow Deeksha Givers around the world to connect and share through the Blessing our light and best wishes for everyone affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Those who are not Blessing Givers but would like to offer their prayers with the same intention are welcome to participate.

By sending Oneness Blessings and prayers together, at the same time, the power of our Blessings is increased.

Please click on the following link to enter the conference room:,17560175

There is no charge for entering the conference room.

There is nothing to register for and nothing to download. Even MAC users can access the conference room. No password is required, so just before the event begins hit the link to the conference room, and login with both your first and last name. The room opens immediately when you hit the above link.


Once in the conference room, you will see a picture of Japan showing the epicenter of the earthquake and the tsunami spreading from the center to Hawaii and the west coast of Canada, US, Mexico, etc. This picture is to provide you a focal point for sending your deekshas. You will be joining others from all over the world in sending your deekshas and prayers to those who need it.

Dates: Saturday, March 12
Time: 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM Eastern Standard Time (New York, USA)

Saturday, March 12
Time: 10:00 PM to 10:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (New York, USA)

Sunday, March 13
Time: 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM Eastern DAYLIGHT * Time (New York, USA)

Sunday, March 13
Time: 10:00 PM to 10:30 PM Eastern DAYLIGHT * Time (New York, USA)

* Please note that on Sunday the time switches from Eastern STANDARD Time to Eastern DAYLIGHT Time. All times shown above are Eastern Time.

Please send this invitation to other deeksha-givers and Blessing receivers on your mailing list who may want to participate. The conference room is capable of supporting everyone's participation.

We would like to thank P. J. for allowing us the use of her conference room for this purpose without which we would not be able to offer this Blessing Event for Japan.

Recorded Webcast of Sri Bhagavan Birthday March 7th 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

This is Special live Webcast of Sri Bhagavan 62nd Birthday on Mar 7th 2011...
recorded for those missed it, wants to witness again.

Webcast of Sri Bhagavan

Sunday, March 6, 2011

At 5 Pm IST Mar 07

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Sri Bhagavan Conference Holland November 30, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

NOTE: There are some refinements in instructions for trainers initiating blessing givers on this broadcast. This is an update from the original instructions on November 28 in Italy. The instructions are in Answer #4. Watching the video starting at 9:45 minutes into the recording will give the visual demonstration.

Sri Bhagavan Conference Holland November 30, 2009

The 4 questions were:

1: What’s your vision about the future and what role do you see for any of us, the trainers, the blessinggivers, the organisation of Oneness Holland?

2: How could we deal with the pain and insecurity that we feel now because of the situation in the oneness organisation

3: Some oneness trainers and blessing givers are still intensely immersed in getting their own process right. And now you are telling us that from 2010, Level 1 and Level 2 wil be done by the trainers. How can we realize oneness so fast in this condition?

4: When can the Trainers initiate people to become Blessing givers: in 2009 or 2010?

Q1: What's your vision about the future and what role do you see for any of us, the trainers, the blessing givers and the organisation of Oneness Holland?

A1: Yes, it is important to understand that Oneness is a phenomenon which took birth in the year 1989. The phenomenon has been growing ever since. Now what is required is the dissolution of the organisational structure of Oneness, which means: people all over the world must take up the work. People in their respective countries, the blessing givers, the trainers must take up this work. So as the first step, from December 3rd 2009 after sunrise local time, the Oneness trainers would themselves be able to initiate people into becoming blessing givers after their course.

They have this two days Oneness Experience course, that course they could conduct minus the video but assimilating the teachings into their own life and coming from their own experiences they must expound the teachings and then give a special initiation which we will be teaching you and then and there they will become blessing givers. They don't have to go to Italy or Fiji or India to become blessing givers. That is the first step.

Then progressively we would like the trainers themselves to conduct other courses like Level 1 and Level 2, except Level 3. All other courses they should gradually learn to conduct themselves in their own countries. Level 3 alone would be an interaction between me and you, where I'm talking to you about spiritual matters, that is Level 3. That will go up until 2012 or at last 2014, thereafter that too will stop.

So your role now is to have more trainers so that you could produce more blessing givers in the year 2010 and 11. 2012 is the year of action, that is the most crucial year when we will be getting into the process. In 2012 groups of blessing givers, small, medium, big could be formed all over Holland. And these people they must start giving deekshas to each other in a very special way which we will teach you in the year 2012, for example in the month January there could be 4 such events, that you will be giving blessings to yourselves; I will be participating in that. It would be stepped up in the month of February, March, April and in December 2012 every day I will be meeting you and every day you will be giving blessings to each other. That is the month of December 2012, when that happens collectively, not individually, collectively, you will be moving into higher states of consciousness. Whatever kind of consciousness you have been attracted to, or you have been desired, for example Christians would enter Christ consciousness, Buddhists Buddhist consciousness, Hindus Hindu consciousness and Muslims Islamic consciousness. These will not be the same, they will be very different from each other. That is why this movement is not called Sameness, it is called Oneness. But the strangest fact is though the Christian would move to Christ consciousness and a Buddhists would go to Buddha consciousness or a Muslim Islamic consciousness their experiences come together as one.

Though they experience very different they will come together as one. So 2012 December this should happen, 2013 and 2014 we may hanging on to stabilize things. After 2014 Oneness is completely dissolved and all of us we go away to lead our simple, anonymous lives only to be forgotten. Because we do not want to perpetuate ourselves. If that happens Oneness will be destroyed. Oneness is not a concept, it is not a belief, it is a living experience. It should not express by thought or by people. So we live on and fade away, that is our plan of action. So shall we move on to the second question now?

Q2: How could we deal with the pain and insecurity that we feel now because of the situation in the Oneness organisation?

A2: This situation has arisen because we have initiated a process of dissolution, that is what have led to this kind of situation and in the coming months and years we will be speeding up that dissolution and as we finally completely will be dissolved, there will be no more pain what so ever. As long as Oneness remains an organizational structure this kind of things will be happening and this kind of pain will be there. So as we dissolve ourselves the big ....... disappears so wait for the final dissolution. The next question please?

Q3: Some Oneness trainers and blessing givers are still intensely immersed in getting their own process right. And now you are telling us that from 2010, Level 1 and Level 2 will be done by the trainers. How can we realize Oneness so fast in this condition?

A3: The phenomenon is closely observed in India and ever since 89 the phenomenon has been growing and we have gotten in times is growing by the week and we believe that in 2010 it will be very powerful, more powerful in 2011 and very, very powerful in 2012.

So we believe that things which took a long time earlier could be done much faster. We have the experience with Indians now and we believe that will be the same also with Westerners and please don't forget what (name) a great Buddhist teacher ..........had said : "It is when the iron bird flies in the air awakening or enlightenment would happen in less than 3 minutes. That could be an exaggeration of course but the time has come, the iron bird has been flying there for quit some time now, so that time has now come.

The things are moving dramatically faster, but that needs decentralization and dissolving of structures. What is holding back the phenomenon is the courses and the fee structure. When the courses are reduced and the fees cut down you'll find the phenomenon be growing very, very fast. That is the step we are taking now. For example if you are to come for a Level 1 to India it would just cost you 700 dollars. That is there will be no course fee at all, you will be only paying for the food, the accommodation, the laundry and internal transport. Now the same thing I belief if you go to Italy I think it would cost you more than 3000 dollars, that is what I understand. But here there are even cheaper things that we are launching also, it is almost free.. so the money factor is been removed very, very fast.

And then the structure: you don't have to come all time to India to learn or to grow. The trainers could be strongly trained by us in a very big wave and they will be able to do a lot of work. Than Level 3, I will be available to you thanks to modern technology. You can ask me spiritual questions and you directly and we will be meeting here together. Things have to be hastened, we have to move very, very fast now because there are just 2 more years left, 2010, 2011. In 2012 from January we have to start acting, so we can't have to follow structures to go to Italy or Fiji, pay that much. It is not going to work..............
and you have to stand on your own feet, you must become trainer, you must become teacher, you must become blessing givers, you must become everything, you must initiate people. You can't come all to India, that is never going to happen. We cannot afford to loose the great opportunity for mankind ... to speak. That's the answer to the third question. I think all the questions are all over? (gelach) there seems to be some silence. (gelach)

Onno: Bhagavan, there is a question from a blessing giver , is it okay if he asks it?

Answer: O, yes, perfectly okay, go ahead.

Q4: Harmen, maybe you know him, Harmen, trainer, Harmen? He asks if it will be possible for the trainers to initiate people to be blessing givers in 2009 or in 2010.

A4: "No in 2009, December 3rd, I told you, after sunrise you can start initiating people. Shall I demonstrate you how it should be done?"
(Yes yes, from the audience). "Yes!"

Bhagavan points and asks: "Do you see this head" (Laughter from audience and yes, yes).

"There is a spot called bramasthan , it is a spot on the middle of the head. You must have seen small babies , the center of their head is starting as soft bone when born, which hardens, that is the spot So you take your middle fingers, put them together on that spot.

First relax the person and you be relaxed.
Put the middle fingers at that point The other fingers can rest on the skull The fore fingers must be like this and the thumbs like this), a bit like a pyramid.

Now invoke that Divine Being which whom you have contact. If it is Christ you invoke Christ, if it is a Hindu God you invoke that Hindu God, if it is Allah you invoke Allah.

Now the way you should do this is to pray to Christ or Allah, asking them to enter this person and to make him into a Blessing giver. You should repeat that prayer for three minutes.

If you do not have a connection with anyone of these Beings then you can connect to AmmaBhagavan . Whether you connect or not, you should invoke AmmaBhagavan, we will come; you do not need to have a connection with us for coming but to other Beings you need a connection. But keep repeating that for three minutes.

Then gently touch the blessing givers head with both your hands, just for a minute or so, then take them out, and then after 10 or 15 minutes he must go and give blessings to the others, maybe five people, 10 people, he must bless them, and then he must repeat this for the next few days, and then you'll find that all this is going through very , very beautifully and once he gets this conviction it will go much, much faster , and this will be very fast in 2010, faster in 2011, faster in 2012.

So all trainers in Holland, because we will be activating something here in you like a remote, grace will be flowing through you. So after sunrise in your country you are going to start it, say now and here from December 3rd. You don't have to wait any longer at all. To become a blessing giver you don't have to go to Italy or Fiji or India. And what charges you will fix up is completely your affair. You will decide in Holland, nobody will dictate this to you, nobody will write.

I want to make one request that for people who can't afford it, it should be given for free. But technically this can not be given free because the karmic cycle must be complete. Therefore the poor person must at least offer you a small flower, or a gift, or whatever is given to him. But if they are middle class, lower middle class, upper middle class you can fix your own tariff, it's up to you. So we don't want to dictate terms on that. So you can start straight away December 3rd.
That is the answer to that question.

Onno: Thank you very much Bhagavan. We are very happy with this, because it will speed up the process of bringing Oneness to Holland very fast. Thank you very much.

Bhagavan: So shall we now meditate for a few minutes, three minutes.

Sri Bhagavan Conference with Czech Republic 11/29/09

Sri Bhagavan Conference with
Czech Republic 11/29/09

Video Link:
Bhagavan: Namaste, Love you all!

Q1: In the process, we were given instructions about the blessing. (couldn't understand the exact words.) Later we were asked to practice certain sadhanas. Many blessing givers don't do sadhanas or give deeksha, but instead practice other meditations. We would like to know what we should do to grow as fast as possible and what do you think of those other practices?

A1: As far as we are concerned, we have no objection for you to practice any others teachings, sadhanas, and meditations. Oneness is complete freedom. You can do whatever is convenient and suitable for you. As far as we are concerned, if you want to grow faster, you have to interact with me. Whether you interact with me through Skype or India, it is the same and is level 3 and I can help you to grow faster.

We would like to train the 5 trainers you have now in your country so they can help the people grow. The other part is interacting with me. That's how you have to grow fast.

Q2: Even though we try to give blessings as much as possible, we are noticing more and more that the interest of the people is absent . . .(Some words that couldn't be understood.) Changes are going too slow and many are searching for new methods and gurus that would take care of their troubles. What is the cause of this? What can we do to improve the situation and get more people interested in inner growth? What can we do to support your vision? How can we help you create a new world and new ways that people will live in happiness?

A2: Oneness is equal to psychology plus spirituality. So to give a proper blessing, you must understand the person. Give them the necessary teaching and then the deeksha. The teaching and the blessing must fuse. Sometimes, for emergencies, the blessing itself will work. But for some kind of transformation, the teaching he teaching must be given. The person must be made to get an insight into it and then that must be made an experience with deeksha. The teaching cannot give an experience. It can give you an insight. For the insight to become an experience, you must add the deeksha. It must be perfectly tuned in. The trainers must know how to do this. Unless they use this, people may not get the best benefit and they may lose interest.

For the second part of how you can help me. You must produce a large number of blessing givers in your country in 2010 and 2011. 2012 is the year where we are going to make things happen. As you give blessings to each other in 2012, you'll be moved into higher levels of consciousness. You'll have very different experiences depending on your reference to the divine. (Details followed similar to what he's said in earlier broadcasts. Buddhists will experience Buddha consciousness, etc. ) This process will not be sameness, but oneness. As people move into higher states of consciousness problems will start to disappear starting at the personal level and progressing through the family, community, country, and finally globally. 2012 is our work. That is the year when the process will happen. All this is in preparation for 2012.

Q3: Can you tell us when Level 1, 2, and 3 will be done and where. Can we meet with you and how can people become trainers?

A3: When I'm talking to you on spiritual matters whether in India or Skype, that is Level 3. In India, there will be Level 1 and Level 2 for some more time. We'll prepare trainers to teach these courses in their own country. Until they're prepared to teach in their countries, the courses will be in India. Courses will be free of all charges. Costs will only be for internal travel, food, room, and laundry.
For a 7 day course. It will only cost you $700. Compared to $3000 in Italy without. That will be one type of accommodation. And there will be one $150 less for different type of accommodation.

Those who want to become trainers, you must send in your applications supported by 10 trainers or 25 blessing givers. We'll train you to become trainers and to initiate blessing givers after giving the 2 day course without the video. You must digest the material from the current course on video and come up with your own material. You don't need to do Level 1 or Level 2 to become a blessing giver. We are activating the nadis remotely for the current trainers so that after sunrise in your country on December 3, they can initiate blessing givers for those who have done the Oneness Experience course.

When you come to India, I'll be meeting with people 1-2 hours 3 days a week. Won't be one on one. At that time you can come to the World Oneness Center where I'll be interacting you.

Instructions given again for how to do the initiation by calming the person first and then being sure to contact with middle fingers the middle of the head where the spot was soft as a baby. Be sure to pray the entire 3 minutes that the divine (AmmaBhagavan or diety reference of your choice) make the person into a blessing giver. (Leaving the detail out as it is consistent with earlier demonstrations.) By the following week as the person gives blessings they will be continually growing.

Charges for initiation will be up to you. We will not interfere from India. One suggestion, please give it to poor people for free or in exchange for some flower or sweet or service. The fees should be taken at the appropriate level for your country.

Comment on the Power of the Deeksha:

As we interact, we'll strengthen your power. Thereby your deekshas will become more and more powerful. Most important to understand what teaching to use and how to use the teaching, and how to combine with the deeksha. For example, In India, when some people come for some difficult problems, somebody is dead in the family so they want to talk to them. We give them a teaching, we prepare them, and we give them a deeksha. They'll be able to see their dead ones, almost physically. They will talk to them. That's how the deeksha works.

You have to prepare them and then give them the deeksha. And they chat away with the dead ones and become very, very happy. I recently had a meeting where a lady met with her dead husband who had been dead for 10 years. She's been weeping and weeping. They spoke to each other for about 15 minutes and she was very happy. The deeksha is an extremely powerful tool if you know how to use it. So we'll train you on that.


Bhagavan: Love you all.